The 7 Myths of Freelance Writing  

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The 7 Myths of Freelance Writing  

Article by Barry Walls

There are more myths about freelance writing than there are about big foot. This post looks at and explodes the most common myths.

These myths are propagated by professional and amateur writers who write well, but who don’t understand the business of writing well. Here they are.

1. You can’t earn a lot of money from low skill, low quality work that anyone can do.

Professional writers like to believe this.

In fact, I think they desperately need to believe it.

It’s difficult for someone to go through all the training a professional writer goes through, only to see someone with little talent, but some business smarts, breeze in and make 0 an hour in a few months. It’s got to hurt!

2. It is difficult to get enough work.

A popular myth but also false if you use the correct strategies.

What this myth really should say is that it is difficult to get enough work using skills most writers use to market themselves.

From their point of view, this is definitely true. Small tweaks in marketing funnels produce outsized increases in results.

3. Writing well enough to charge for it takes skill, experience and a lot of knowledge.

This always make me laugh. Some of the highest paid freelance writers had never written before in their lives before. In addition, the quality of freelance writing they produce is mediocre at best.

Yet when they get to grips with the correct tools and strategies, they make huge incomes quickly. They aren’t anywhere near as good as professional writers, and yet they can earn many times what professionals earn. Writing skills don’t correlate closely to income earned. Ask Dan Brown. There are other drivers.

4. Fast writing is generally poor quality.

If you are able to do your research in a smart way, fast writing can be just as good as slow writing in terms of quality.


5. There is no long-term equity in writing.

When I say equity, what I mean is the ability to generate future profits from current efforts on autopilot.

For the vast majority of writers out there, there is no equity, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways that you can leverage current activity in order to increase income at a later date.

6. You have to know the subject area to write well about.

False… see this new website… Google I think it’s called. It has some helpful tips to research any subject area.

7. You have to compete with writers who write for per article.

This is my favourite myth and probably the key reason why freelance writing, especially article writing, can earn you 0 an hour or more, day in day out.

This myth keeps a huge amount of potential competition at bay and keeps prices elevated for good writers (who still might earn only a little) and those who understand the business end of writing (who can earn a lot despite poor writing skills). Viva the article writers!


The people who are busy doing article marketing are making – per article (if they are lucky) for many times the effort of the article writer. Sussh….don’t tell them!

These are the guys hiring low paid writers for each. I say let them.

Over time, these low paid writers produce work which is often so terrible that smart webmasters quickly understand they have to pay for native English speakers for their freelance writing.

They are increasingly looking towards writers in English speaking countries. This means that over time, these low paid writers are in fact boosting your earning rate.

When you see the type of low paying activity on outsourcing sites, you shouldn’t be afraid of it… you should be cheering it!

How long will it take people to see these low paid freelance writers for what they are…freelance writing income boosters!

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Barry Walls is a coach for profit maximising freelance writers. His vast experience of freelance writing as a writer, a buyer and a coach helps him to quickly turn new and experienced writers alike into high earning freelancers. Check his website for more info on freelance writing.


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