Best free open source shopping cart software?

Posted on April 28, 2011 in Magento by admin

Best free open source shopping cart software?
Well I have been asked to make a website for a general online store(meaning a store with a variety of products). I am not that confident with my PHP knowledge to create a secure and effective online store. I been browsing around some of the most popular ones and came across magento, pentashop, zencart, and OSCmax. Now I have no idea how any of these works, but they all have promising features from what I read. Like I said, I dont have that much confidence in building an online store from scratch. So an suggestions on the best one out there, or at least a reliable one?

Cheers and thanx in advance =]


Answer by just “JR”
You can try a very simple one at
It is an on-line store. Add the “Easy PayPal Integration”, and you have a full basic store!

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