Magento Themes  

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Magento Themes  

Article by Sarahjones

We are very excited and proud to share our own collection of beautiful Magento Themes with unique functionality and designs. Magento provides lots of useful shop maintenance features in which it also includes this, our themes comes with lots of custom extensions which are worth 100s of $ s, Which we are providing to you free when you are trying download magento theme from this website. We is becoming one of the best E-commerce store which is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Our designers, designs the best Themes for the ECommerce platform. Our experts have the experience necessary to develop a world-class e-commerce website. Although, Magento is quite good but it requires proper knowledge before you indulge yourself into this customization. It is very important to know the functionality and layout provided by any premium theme. These are the combination of layout templates, Magento gives an opportunity to have multiple themes while having single magento store. Operating different magento stores using single website URL can be more efficient.

You can customize themes according to the requirements. Most of the premium Magento themes vendor provides source files of the Magento theme which have been purchased. The purpose of the website is to serve as platform to display collection of best Magento themes and magento stores and rating by magento community. There are many free themes, but almost all of them do not have enough quality. You can Download these Themes and give your Magento store the professional edge. E commerce is one of the most happening trend in Online world.There are number of tools and CMS which makes ecommerce website development much easier.When it comes to eCommerce CMS,Magento tops the rating for its valueable features like multi website concept,build-in shipping and payment( No wonder that it supports more than 50 payment methods!!),Upload multiple products in one go using CSV import/export features and much more.But the only problem which we face in Magento Cms is its Theme selection.There are nearly more than 5000 themes available overall for magento which includes themes from magento vendor as well as from third party magento developers.Also all these available themes are not well categorized which makes selecting a theme which suites our requirement is highly arduous.So to make things simple and easy We have come with an innovative idea for selecting the theme for magento.

The main objective of this site is to categorize the available magento themes and also to rank it based on the categories.The ranking is made by magento experts and it is based on the following criteria:

Cost Quality Performance SEO Friendly Most Downloaded Design Browser Compability Support User Reviews Additional Features Added Third party Extension Support


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