Tips to Make e-Commerce Website Conspicuous  

Posted on April 18, 2011 in Magento by admin

Tips to Make e-Commerce Website Conspicuous  

Article by Abhinandan Garg

e-commerce web sites are as asset to any online business, because the place where a visitor arrived and become customers, if he / she as a product and make a

purchase. So these websites should be designed so that a visitor should be encouraged to make an immediate purchase during their first visit and attract them to make

more purchases in future. Now the question arises of how to do it? How to make visible an e-commerce web site?

There are some simple tips that make a big difference in sales at stores online. Applying online shopping tips can increase your sales throughout the year, without

reducing prices. Here I would like to share with you the tips:

1. E-commerce design of the site proper design of an ecommerce website is like the spine. The first thing any visitor notice on a website is its uniqueness in design.

The design must be eye catching and navigation should be easier than you can compel visitors to your site to stay and explore their products.2. Making Shopping Cart simple process: Although the design of e-commerce site is unique and can retain visitors on the site but if the buying process is long, which

would result in the loss of potential buyers. In this case, it would be beneficial to keep the process as short as possible and should be completed in 2-3 pages

maximum.3. Providing quality products: The product they are selling has also been sold by its competitors, why should a visitor buy the product to you and not your

competitors? Just think about it. For this, I must give buyers a reason to make a purchase at its online store. Effectively convey the quality and service their products

to potential buyers during the purchasing process. Not communicating the wrong information. By providing wrong information I refer to the characteristics of your

product does not have, but you mentioned to increase sales, and would translate into immediate sales, but in the future would hurt your store name brand and to

deprive to current and future buyers.4. Account Security: Security is one of the major issues related to online shopping. People are always afraid to share your debit or credit card details while shopping

online. Do not forget to assure its customers that their transactions and card data is completely safe.5. Service Offering Live Chat: You can offer live chat options for their visitors and buyers, so if you have any questions about the product, the purchase and the

process at any step that can be freely and immediately request can rectify these obstacles and make your purchase more convenient.6. Comments from readers: To provide a space where customers can write their comments on the product and its online store. It would be extremely useful to

increase sales as work as visitors’ Word of Mouth “and influence to make the purchase.

Try to apply the advice and I’m sure it will help to increase their online selling and making customers feel better shopping experience.

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